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  • SEDRIS: What It Is
  • Discusses what SEDIS is, and what SEDRIS is not. Describes the two key aspects of SEDRIS, and how SEDRIS is sometimes confused with some of the applications that it serves. Also discusses the SEDRIS objectives.
  • History & Development
  • Discusses the history and development philosophy in SEDRIS. Describes the tough problems that SEDRIS addresses, and SEDRIS concepts.
  • Technology Components
  • Discusses the make up of SEDRIS -- the five SEDRIS technology components. Introduces and describes each technology component.
  • SEDRIS Standardization
  • Discusses the development of SEDRIS Standards. Describes the role of standards in infrastructure technologies, and the process through which SEDRIS technologies are being standardized through ISO/IEC and SISO.
  • Environmental Databases
  • Discusses creating environmental databases for use in real-time networked interactive simulation. Describes what constitutes an environmental database, applications using environmental data, and contraints on (and the steps to make) environmental databases. Also addresses tradeoffs, the effects of networking, and interoperability and interchange.
  • The Gap SEDRIS Fills
  • Answers the question: Why SEDRIS? by discussing the gap that SEDRIS fills. Describes trends impacting environmental data, open standards for commercial growth, and the concept of more interoperability through better interchange.
  • SEDRIS: Meeting Needs
  • Answers the question: What if SEDRIS doesn't meet my need? by discussing that there is always room for improvement, and describing improvement processes/procedures available through SEDRIS Change Requests (SCRs) and problem reports.
  • SEDRIS: Application Use
  • Discusses using SEDRIS in your applications. Describes how individual SEDRIS technology components have been used by others, internationally.
  • SEDRIS in Non-M&S Domains
  • Discusses the application of SEDRIS in non-modeling and simulation (M&S) domains. Describes how SEDRIS is designed to meet such needs, stressing the point that representation of environmental data is fundamentally the same, regardless of how such data is applied in different fields or used in different applications.
  • Getting More Information
  • Discusses where to get more information on SEDRIS. Also directs you to information regarding how to become a SEDRIS Associate.
  • Take the SEDRIS Quiz
  • Challenges you to test your SEDRIS IQ by providing a list of questions prepared from the material provided in this "About SEDRIS" section.
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Last updated: October 12, 2000