Where to Get More Information on SEDRIS

A variety of sources provide more information on SEDRIS. These include the SEDRIS web site, subscribing to SEDRIS mail lists, videotapes from SEDRIS tutorials and conferences, attending the SEDRIS Technology Conferences, taking commercial SEDRIS courses, and participating in SEDRIS Associate Meetings.

SEDRIS Web Site and E-mail Lists

The web site (www.sedris.org) contains detailed information regarding SEDRIS technologies, and various products are available for either on-line viewing or to download for local use. Examples include the Data Representation Model (DRM), data dictionary, Environmental Data Coding Specification (EDCS), core software, Application Program Interface (API), SEDRIS Transmittal Format (STF), Spatial Reference Model (SRM), tools and utilities, sample STF transmittal, coordinate conversions API, documents, SEDRIS papers, presentation slides, and other related products. Videotapes of past SEDRIS tutorials are also available, and can be requested.

The site also allows subscription to several public reflectors, which are open forums for discussion of SEDRIS-related topics. In addition, subscribing to the Announcements List provides automated notification of the latest SEDRIS events and software releases.

How To Become a SEDRIS Associate

For a discussion of what are SEDRIS Associates, the benefits of being an Associate, how to become an Associate, and Associate responsibilities, see the Becoming An Associate page.
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Last updated: March 14, 2003