SEDRIS Data Representation Model

The SEDRIS DRM may be downloaded as part of the SEDRIS SDK Release from the SEDRIS SDK Downloads page.

  • Description
  • Provides data representation model (DRM) background material, describes what is a DRM, and discusses the SEDRIS data representation model notation and modeling technique.
  • DRM 4.1.4 Class Dictionary
  • Allows on-line viewing, and discusses the content and format of the Class Dictionary.
  • Model Notation
  • Provides a synopsis of the unified modeling language (UML) notation on which the SEDRIS data representation model is based, and discusses some minor extensions to the UML employed by SEDRIS.
  • DRM Constraints
  • The SEDRIS constraints express semantic restrictions regarding the practical use of specific elements of the DRM and the application program interface (API). These are issues associated with the notion that: This is how this part of the DRM is organized, but here is the most effective way of using that particular element. The current version of the DRM constraints may be retrieved for on-line viewing or may be downloaded for local use.

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Last updated: July 1, 2011